• December 2016

    The beginning

  • July 2017

    Company Kickstarts

  • September 2017

    Launch of GEU at Kochi, India

  • August 2018

    Launch of DOTS

  • April 2019

    Launch of Drawout App

Our Story

It was in 2016 when the founders, Joy and Poul came up the idea for starting Drawout, a sister company to Output Automation. Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple. Creating electrical drawings is a tedious task. How to solve this?

This idea evolved overtime and Drawout was formed, with an objective of easing engineering through innovative and smart products.

We automate the boring stuffs.

At Drawout, we produce innovative software in the field of industrial automation. Our highly-talented, highly-skilled team is always working on new and cutting edge technologies to deliver the latest trending products and services to our clients.

Along with our products, we also provide consultation and guidance to several industries in the field of automation for their projects. At Drawout, we have relentless commitment to quality of services and products that we provide.

Our Clients

Output Automation
Printer Eksperten