Why Us?

  • Drawout offers highly practical educational packages which helps to enhance the design process of electrical control systems.
  • Ranging from beginner to advanced classes, trainees will be taught how to get the best out of EPLAN using all it’s features, functions and shortcuts.
  • The training is highly practical, taking into consideration the common scenarios and practical issues users will experience while using EPLAN.
  • Users can increase their efficiency, save more time, reduce errors and increase drawing standards with the help of this training, ultimately lowering the cost of production and time to market.

Training Comparison

Basic EPLAN training
  • Master Data & Reports
  • Practical Issues of EPLAN
  • Shortcuts & Useful Tips
  • Master Data Setup
  • Non-EPLAN to EPLAN drawing conversions
  • Electrical drawings auto-generation
  • Auto-generation system Setup
  • Plans We Offer

    • EPLAN Basics
    • Practical Issues
    • Keyboard Shortcuts
    • All from Beginner
    • Handling Master Data
    • Standard Templates
    • Reports, Plotframes
    Highly Advanced
    • All from Advanced
    • Auto-generation
    • Template-based engineering
    • Conversion of non-EPLAN drawings to EPLAN P8
    Cloud Solution
    • All from Highly Advanced
    • Web app for generating control panels