Drawout App, the future is here!

With Drawout App, you don’t need to be an EPLAN P8 expert to make EPLAN drawings. We let you feed your Know-how into Drawout App so that your workflow is not affected by the unavailability of an employee. Our Know-how retention system can increase your efficiency by up to 80%. We let you increase the quality of your drawing with automated processes through our intelligent data processing system.

How it works

  • Step 1

    Data Upload

    You set company preferences and enter/upload the project data into the Drawout App.

  • Step 2

    Smart Data Analysis

    Drawout App analyzes and precomputes your data and comes up with smart suggestions and corrections to improve the quality and correctness of the data.

  • Step 3

    Data Preview & Modification

    You can further edit, analyze, and view the project data in our web-platform. Once you verify it, a drawing generation request can be made in the Drawout platform.

  • Step 4

    Drawout Magic

    Drawout App queues your drawing request and processes it as soon as it is your turn. Once drawings are ready for download, you are notified regarding this in the Drawout app or by an email.

  • Step 5

    Output Generation

    Once the generation is complete, you can readily download the PDFs and the source files and start using it right away!