We provide a step by step guide to improve your engineering efficiency by helping you to setup standardized master data and work flow.

We identify areas where you are currently facing constant re-engineering thereby reducing your engineering time.

We setup new standardized workflow in order to enhance the efficiency of our engineering processes.

This gives you advantage to remain successful in increasingly competitive markets.

We help you set up a personalized cloud-based Drawout Application to increase global collaboration.

We do this in three steps


Step 1

The first step towards efficient engineering is the creation of very good master data. By creating and storing unique data sets, they can be re-used throughout the project, resulting in considerable time savings and a reduction in errors. The most important element of this process is change management. With our help in the maintenance of master data, change management can be made easy.

Step 2

We help you create standard templates which helps you increase the efficiency by reduction of rework. This way you will be able to make the most out of the macro technology available on major E-CAD systems.



Step 3

With our intelligent Drawout app you can generate your electrical drawings automatically without needing to have to prepare any configuration. This is particularly useful when creating routine projects, as the reusable functions reduce engineering time by up to 50%. Drawout App is a plug and play solution which is ready to use from the first day.