Smart Automation Solutions

We support you in setting up your engineering workflow across disciplines. The Drawout platform is the connection link for your engineering data flow to make sure each department can work together efficiently.

Drawout Workspace

Automated engineering reinvented

We provide a platform to coordinate data flow through the whole project life cycle, where each stakeholder in a project can benefit from specific smart functions available.

We let our customers increase the quality of their documentation, manufacturing data, and PLC code with automated processes through our intelligent data processing system.

  • Electrical drawings in few clicks.
  • Increase quality and reduce engineering time.
  • Easy and ready to use.
  • Can handle non standardized control system.
  • Low startup investment.

Zen Configurator

"Ready To Use" configurator for standard control systems

With Drawout Zen Configurator, customers can benefit from a “ready to use” configurator for standard control systems with options through our innovative web application.

This will enable customers to save time in documentation and acquiring manufacturing data when they make the similar control systems multiple times. With Zen configurator, we can generate drawings 100%, so “ready to manufacture” drawings can be downloaded directly from our platform.

  • Easy and ready to use.
  • Generate 100% finished drawings.
  • Generates manufacture data or manuals.
  • Low startup investment.

Other Solutions

Other Solutions From Drawout